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DIVINE UNION Medicine Bundle

DIVINE UNION Medicine Bundle

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To honour and celebrate LOVE, we have created a sacred medicine bundle of plant allies to support the opening of your heart and connection to love.

These remedies are dedicated to nurturing love in all its forms, whether it's the sacred bond of Divine Union, self-love, appreciation for creation, or simply the love for life itself. Designed to open our minds, hearts, bodies, and spirits, they invite us to embrace the boundless abundance of love that permeates the quantum source field.

 Our DIVINE UNION Medicine Bundle celebrates all things love, invoking its essence, honouring its presence, and nurturing its embodiment within us. Rooted in truth, sovereignty, and unity, these ritually crafted plant blends guide us towards a deeper connection with the love that flows through our being.

 Within this beautiful DIVINE UNION Bundle, you'll find:

 .:: LOVER'S TEA .::. 100g ::. 
A delightful blend of Holy basil, Horny Goat Weed, Damania, Hawthorn Berry, Blue Lotus, and Rose. This harmonious combination of herbal aphrodisiacs and plant allies supports us in grounding into our bodies, opening our heart center, and easing into profound connections with ourselves and others.

 .:: LOVE POTION .::. 100ml ::.
A beloved elixir featuring Damiana, Horny Goat Weed, Sassifrass Bark, Hawthorn Berry, Rose, and raw wildflower honey. It's a personal favorite, cherished for its ability to kindle the fires of passion while nourishing the heart and soul.

 .:: TRIPLE ROSE ELIXIR .::. 50ml ::.
An essential part of my daily ritual, this enchanting blend of white, pink, and red roses serves as a gentle reminder of our eternal connection to Source. With its protective thorns, it establishes a boundary of discernment and sovereignty, allowing our hearts to blossom freely in the exchange of love and connection. 

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