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Neurogenesis Capsules

Neurogenesis Capsules

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These high-potency capsules contain a blend of herbal extracts known to boost production of neurotransmitters, facilitating healthy mood and cognitive function.

Ingredients: Passionflower* (Passiflora incarnata) 166mg 10:1 extract, St. John’s Wort* (Hypericum perforatum) 166mg 10:1 extract, Gotu Kola* (Centella asiatica) 166mg 10:1 extract, organic vegetable capsule

*Ingredients are organically grown.

Directions for use: Take 1 capsules 2x daily with intention.

Warnings: May interact with some medications. Please consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.

Benefits of this product:

  • Supports production of GABA and serotonin - two of the brains most important neurotransmitters for mood stabilization, neuronal repair, and overall cognitive health 
  • Encourages cerebral circulation, allowing for improvements in brain function and speeding healing of damaged tissues 
  • Protects and strengthens the cerebral vasculature, lowering the risk of stroke

About the Ingredients

PASSIONFLOWER (Passiflora incarnata)

Physiologically, Passionflower is a Nervine (relaxes & nourishes the nervous system), Hypnotic (promotes sleep), Spasmolytic (relaxes smooth muscle and relieves cramping), Anxiolytic (calms the mind). Passionflower is primarily used as a sleep aid in cases of mild to moderate insomnia, particularly when due to mental restlessness and/or circadian rhythm disruption. It is also a valuable adjunct for anxiety and nervous tension and has pronounced action on both smooth and skeletal muscle, helping to relieve muscle tension and spasms.

Psycho-spiritually, passionflower helps us consolidate scattered thoughts and feelings and brings clarity, intention, and inner calmness to our bodies and minds. Corresponding to the third-eye Chakra, this plant can help us reconnect to our sense of inner knowing and realign us with our higher purpose.

(Hypericum perforatum) 

Physiologically, the herbal actions of St. Johns wort are: antidepressant, nervine (supports / nourishes the nervous system), thymoleptic (increases feeling of joy), anti-viral, vulnerary, supports phase I and II liver detoxication pathways.

Psychospiritually: St. Johns wort connects us with the light of the sun, and our centre of will. 

Medicinal uses:
- Depression
- Seasonal affective disorder 
- Insomnia
- Neurotransmitter balancing 
- Neuralgia
- Herpes 

(Centella asiatica)

Physiologically, Gotu Kola is classified as a Tonic & Adaptogen (promotes the body’s ability to adapt to stress and balances physiological processes), Vulnerary (aids the healing of tissues), Anti-inflammatory, Circulatory/Venous tonic (improves elasticity and health of blood vessels), Nervine (calms and nourishes the nervous system). Gotu Kola has long been revered in Ayurvedic medicine as one of the most rejuvenating and revitalizing herbs for the whole body. It has a strong affinity for the brain and can be used to improve mental clarity, concentration, and memory.

Psychospiritually, Gotu Kola corresponds to the Crown Chakra, bringing spiritual connection and enhancing meditation practice. Its ability to both cleanse and strengthen our physical, mental, and spiritual bodies make it a uniquely powerful medicine.


About our Botanical Extracts

A "botanical extract" refers to the use of a solvent to extract the medicinal components of a plant, resulting in a more concentrated and available form. The strength of an extract is amount of starting material compared to the finished product, expressed as a ratio. We use 10:1 botanic extracts in our products, which means you get the equivalent benefits of 10 capsules of plant material in just one capsule!

Additionally, all of our products have undergone testing for purity and potency and are standardized to contain high levels of active constituents (the medicinal parts of the plant). You can feel comfortable using these products, knowing that they are among the safest, most potent, and most effective on the market. Unlikely many botanical nutraceuticals, our products contain no fillers, stabilizers, or additives and are hand-made in small batches. 

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